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SGI1 mobilization and other mechanisms at stake in bacterial conjugation

Today’s society faces a worldwide threat: a growing number of infectious bacteria, including human and animal pathogens, are multi-resistant. Some of them like the CRE (Carbapenem Resistant Enterobacteriaceae) are resistant to last-resort antibiotics such as colistin. The actors of resistance dissemination are mobile genetic elements transferring by conjugation to a broad range of hosts. Our lab aims at getting a better comprehension of the genetic determinants and molecular mechanisms at stake in conjugation and its role in antibiotic resistance diffusion.

IncC conjugative plasmids are widespread in several Enterobacteriaceae isolated from clinical settings, food animals and food products (eggs, meat). They carry multiple antibiotic resistance genes that they transfer at high frequency to a broad range of bacterial hosts, largely contributing to the emergence of CRE. Over 200 epidemiological studies have been published in the past 8 years, mentioning the IncC or IncA/C plasmids as vectors of antibiotic resistance dissemination. Only 12 of these studies focused on the mechanisms underneath the regulation of their transfer.

IncC plasmids are also capable of mobilizing resistance genomic islands such as Salmonella Genomic Island 1 (SGI1), which is regularly isolated from clinical strains of Salmonella entericaProteus mirabilis and Morganella morganii. My project aims at identifying the genetic determinants necessary for SGI1 mobilization by IncC plasmids, leading to a better understanding of the mechanisms that SGI1 uses to improve its propagation in bacterial populations.

Romain Durand

I study in Pr Vincent Burrus lab in University of Sherbrooke, Quebec. With financing coming from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada as well as the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Pr Vincent Burrus is considered an expert in mobile genetic elements. Our lab team comprises 4 PhD students, 2 Postdocs and 1 Undergrad student.


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