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Meet the Microbiologist

A new mode of bacterial development


Stephanie Jones

Stephanie Jones is a PhD candidate in Marie Elliot’s lab at McMaster University. The Elliot lab studies Streptomyces bacteria. These microbes are renowned for their ability to produce a multitude of medicinally useful compounds, and for their complex filamentous life cycle. It has always been thought Streptomyces grow rooted in place, and Stephanie recently demonstrated that interactions with other microbes induce a new mode of Streptomyces development termed exploration. Streptomyces explorer cells rapidly spread across surfaces, and use airborne signals to induce other Streptomyces to begin exploring. This work was recently published in eLife, and Stephanie is now working to understand how explorer cells spread so quickly, and how explorers organize in space to compete and cooperate with other microbes.

Stephanie will be defending her PhD in the summer of 2018, and will then join Dr. Mike Laub at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in fall 2018 as a postdoc. She will continue her work on microbial development and genetics, with a focus on understanding how bacteria process information, receive signals from their environments, and organize their DNA.

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