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Career Opportunities

June 12, 2020
Director of Clinical Research

Employer: CleanSlate UV
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Closing Date: September 12, 2020

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Job Description

Applications will be accepted until position is filled

About Us
Did you know that 1 in 4 mobile devices are contaminated with deadly bacteria? These bacteria can spread to those with weakened immune systems – like patients in the neonatal intensive care unit – with potentially deadly consequences. Did you know that hospital-acquired infections cause illness in hundreds of thousands of patients each year, costing the healthcare system billions?
Our mission is simple: eliminate bacteria on mobile devices through the use of effective and easy-to-use UV products. We do this by designing technologies that people will actually use, backed by science reflective of real-world conditions. We harness the power of UV light to kill the most dangerous pathogens without damaging expensive touch screens.
Our flagship product, the CleanSlate UV sanitizer, is used in healthcare to sanitize mobile devices – whether that is phones, tablets, pagers, watches, badges, etc. Our goal is to prevent the spread of infections and improve patient outcomes.
We are looking for team members who want to help solve a major challenge and be part of the next big story in infection prevention and control. We are a customer-centric team that values quality work, transparency, adaptability and rewarding performance. If this sounds like a fit, read on.

About the Role
We are seeking a Director of Clinical Research who will provide microbiology expertise, leadership and direction in the management and execution of clinical research with our current and future products. In this leadership role, you will be responsible for developing partnerships with universities and healthcare facilities to ensure that our product is backed by the highest quality science. Typical duties may include preparation of funding applications, overall study coordination, identification of collaborators and supervision undergraduate or graduate research students. As a subject matter expert for all aspects of our clinical research trials, you will be tasked with providing progress updates and sharing results at team meetings. The ideal candidate will be highly self-motivated and ready to develop a program of clinical research amongst a multi-disciplinary team.

Key Responsibilities
Strategic: You will be responsible for identifying new sources of research funding through various organizations such as NSERC, Mitacs, IRAP, etc. You will liaise with and identify candidates to serve on our board as research advisors.
Clinical Research: You will be responsible for the conception, planning, management and successful execution of all clinical research projects. You will develop the quality of efficacy testing at CleanSlate UV by conducting studies with healthcare facilities in North America. You will maintain up-to-date knowledge of scientific literature in the area of UV-C disinfection research.
Collaboration: You will be responsible for identifying and fostering the development of new research partnerships. You will actively collaborate with academics and clinical researchers in Canada and the United States. You will also work closely with commercial third-party microbiology testing laboratories to plan and execute disinfection efficacy trials.
Supervision: You will be responsible for recruiting, mentoring and supervising microbiology research students from colleges and Universities in North America. You will work with members of the product, marketing and sales team, as well as executive team, to provide opportunities for students to learn about product design, sales, finance and the overall operation of a start-up technology company.
Leadership: In addition to leading all aspects of disinfection efficacy testing, you may be invited to join key sales calls with our sales team and prospective clients to address more technical questions on the efficacy of our product. You will take the lead in organizing webinars for existing and future clients, provide basic level microbiology training in the form of lectures and short workshops to staff that specialize in engineering, sales and business.

Application Instructions

● Graduation with master’s degree (PhD preferred) in microbiology or a related field from a recognized post-secondary institution.
● A minimum of 5+ years of industry and/or clinical experience or a PhD and 2+ years of relevant work experience.
● Demonstrated ability to develop, manage and execute collaborative research projects.
● Experience in managing clinical research data collection, analysis, reporting and dissemination of results to specialist and non-specialist audiences.
● Proven ability to supervise graduate students and lead a research team.
● Strong track record of peer-reviewed scientific publications.
● Demonstrated ability to obtain research funding from government and/or industry.
● Superior organizational and problem-solving skills.
● Ability to work effectively in a multi-disciplinary team.
● Excellent written and oral communication skills.
● Working knowledge of Microsoft applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), Google products (Drive, Sheets, Docs, etc.) and experience using statistical software (SPSS, SAS, STATA, R, etc.).
● You like to take ownership, meet customer needs, and drive projects to completion.

Application Instructions
Interested applicants should apply here https://cleanslate.breezy.hr/p/da27e6dd1d77

Application Contacts

Clean Slate UV

Phone: +1 (877) 553-6778
Fax: +1 (877) 553-6778

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