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Career Opportunities

January 13, 2021
Research Technician – Food Microbiology and Soil Microbiology

Employer: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Location: Agassiz, BC
Closing Date: January 20, 2021

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Job Description


Food Microbiology Position:

We are seeking a highly qualified and motivated Research Technician (EG-04) for a position in Food Microbiology, that will provide technical support for the isolation, identification and characterization of microbes, including human pathogens and antimicrobial resistant bacteria, present in food and environmental sources. The candidate will also be involved in research using next-generation sequencing (genomics and microbiomics) to examine microbes of interest (e.g., Campylobacter spp. Salmonella, E. coli) and microbial communities as they pertain to food safety.

Soil Microbiology position:

We are seeking a highly qualified and motivated Research Technician (EG-04) for a position in Soil Microbiology that will provide field and laboratory technical support for soil microbial ecology research projects. Under the direction of the research scientist, the successful candidate will be required to coordinate research activities and employ various methods and tools to use in field, greenhouse and laboratory experiments.

Intent of the process:

The intent is to staff 1 Research Technician position in Food Microbiology and 1 Research Technician position in Soil Microbiology on a permanent basis.

A pool of qualified and partially qualified candidates may also be established and may be used for similar permanent and temporary employment needs.

In the event that an employee of the public service is qualified through this process, and there is a temporary need, he/she may be considered for acting, deployment, assignment or secondment opportunities.
Positions to be filled: 2


Application Instructions

 Information you must provide

Your résumé.

In order to be considered, your application must clearly explain how you meet the following (essential qualifications)

Education (both positions)

Graduation with a degree from a recognized post-secondary institution with specialization in a biological science (e.g.: Bachelor of Science Degree specializing in a field relating to microbiology, bioinformatics, foodborne disease, molecular biology, soil biology, microbial genomics, or another relevant field).

Degree equivalency

Experience (both positions)

Experience in basic microbiological and molecular biological techniques.

Experience in planning and conducting laboratory experiments with plant, soil or human microorganisms.

Experience in the isolation, identification, characterization, and storage of pathogens/microorganisms associated with food, plants or soil using traditional and molecular approaches.

Experience analyzing data from next generation sequencing.

If you possess any of the following, your application must also clearly explain how you meet it (other qualifications)

ASSET - Education (both positions)

  • Master degree from a recognized post-secondary institution in microbiology, bioinformatics, foodborne disease, microbial ecology, molecular biology microbial genomics or in another relevant field.

Degree equivalency

ASSET Experience:

  • Experience working with foodborne pathogens, such as: Campylobacter spp., Salmonella spp. or E. coli spp. (Food Microbiology position)
  • Experience working in a Containment Level 2 laboratory (Food Microbiology position).
  • Experience with the use of meta-omics approaches for the analysis of soil or plant microbiomes (Soil Microbiology position).
  • Experience in writing reports and scientific manuscripts (both positions).
  • Experience supervising and mentoring junior staff (e.g., students) (both positions).
  • Experience with bioinformatics methods and databases, and using open-source bioinformatics software (both positions).

For more information, please visit: Research Technician – Food Microbiology and Soil Microbiology


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