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Career Opportunities

May 7, 2021
PhD/MSc Projects: GLIER Graduate Program & Postdoctoral Position Molecular/Microbiology/Bioinformatics

Employer: Dr. Christopher G. Weisener
Location: University of Windsor
Closing Date: August 10, 2021

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Job Description

GLIER/Environmental Science: Environmental Microbiology

GLIER is a leading institute in Canada recognized for its contributions to water protection of Large Lakes. 

1) PhD/MSc Projects: http://www.uwindsor.ca/glier/chris-weisener
I have competitively funded (PhD and/or M.Sc.) projects for students interested in integrated research approaches with themed projects related to nutrient and emerging microbial cycling of contaminants. The objective of these projects is to identify, predict and provide treatment solutions using an integrated multi-disciplinary approach focusing on microbial community processes to generate cause-effect linkages between microbial structure/function in Great Lakes watersheds. These are interdisciplinary training opportunities where the graduate student will learn and use molecular based approaches (genomics, metagenomics), geochemical and isotopic tools to develop a clear understanding of environmental impacts related to climate change. My group has strong affiliations with both Environment Climate Change Canada (ECCC)and the ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) and the greenhouse sector. These positions are fully funded however it is anticipated that potential candidates will also be nominated for NSERC industrial and MITAC scholarships if applicable. Preference will be given to enthusiastic applicants with some strong interest and/or strengths in either microbial ecology, molecular microbiology and/or biochemistry, superior academic credentials, and strong communication skills. The PhD candidate should have experience in aquatic geochemistry and/or molecular microbiology. The proposed project for the M.Sc. candidate will be tailored to the strengths and interests of the individual.

2) Postdoctoral position molecular/microbiology/bioinformatics: individuals with experience in aquatic biogeochemistry in freshwater and marine systems. Areas of specialization could include expertise in microbial bioinformatic analyses and pipeline’s specializing in bacterial and archaea genomes. The candidate will have strengths in molecular microbiology, advanced statistical approaches and assist in method development. The position is available for 1 year with possibility of extension. Candidates should have laboratory and field experience and a strong publication record, strong written and oral communication skills. Candidate will be expected to assist in training and mentoring of graduate students. The start date is open.

Application Instructions

Please Contact: Dr. Christopher G. Weisener, weisener@uwindsor.ca; University of Windsor

  1. a cover letter outlining your research interests, career goals, relevant experience and why you are applying for this position;
  2. your CV;
  3. academic transcripts; and
  4. contact information for at least three professional references. The student must also meet the minimum requirements for admission into the Graduate School at GLIER.


Interested applicants can contact Dr. Christopher G. Weisenerweisener@uwindsor.ca for potential options for enrolling in the GLIER graduate program in Winter/ Spring/ Fall 2022.

Application Contacts

Dr. Christopher G. Weisener
Coordinator Biomaterials Laboratory
GLIER/EES Department
Distinguished Research Fellow, Yunnan University
University of Windsor, 401 Sunset Ave.
Windsor ,ON, N9B3P4

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