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July 25, 2011
Call for Cover Photograph for the Canadian Journal of Microbiology

Each year the Canadian Journal of Microbiology seeks a new photographic image that can be placed on the cover of the journal for the following year. For 2012, we are seeking a new bold and dramatic image that will highlight the cover of journal for the year. If you have any electronic images illustrating a microbiological theme that you think might be suitable for a journal cover, then we would appreciate hearing from you.

Requirements for the cover image are:

  • it must be in color and can relate to any aspect of microbiology
  • it must be in a high-quality electronic format (minimum resolution of 300 dpi).
  • it must not have been previously published in another journal and therefore be free of copyright restrictions.

If you have an image that you don’t mind sharing, please send it to Brenda Tryhuba at the Canadian Journal of Microbiology (cjm@nrcresearchpress.com) along with a brief description of what is being illustrated. Naturally, if your image is selected for the cover your contribution will be properly acknowledged in the Journal.

Brenda Tryhuba   Email

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