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October 19, 2011
Alcohol Addiction Rehab And The Significance Of 12-Step Programs

If you happen to be familiar with alcohol abuse rehab programs, chances are that you are also familiar with what is termed 12-step programs. These are programs, that when practiced suitably, enable people to move towards a cessation of their alcohol addictions for good. Actually these programs are of various types. These 12-point programs are conducted not only for alcohol rehab but also to recover from shopping addictions, gambling addictions, or some other type of addiction that you might be prey to. In the same way the path that leads to a life free of alcohol addiction, is not the same for all people. Still, there are some common steps, especially in the case of inpatient residential rehab programs.

What Is The 12-Step Program?

The 12 steps are in effect spiritually-based steps which requires of those who seek help, to recognize the power of God, as a significant element in healing. Actually, it was the internationally renowned Alcoholics Anonymous group that was instrumental in designing the original 12 steps. Ever since its inception in1933, this organization has been active in the field of alcohol rehab. In the 1930s, members of this group indulged in prayers excessively, firmly believing that their prayers would cure the nature of their particular wrongs in order to restore them to normality. You can still come across Alcoholics Anonymous groups that believe in the power of God as well as prayer as necessary ingredients in the process of healing. However, there are several Alcoholics Anonymous groups that help people who don’t believe in any religion, and such groups are focused on the inherent power that exists in every individual to heal him/her. It is essentially a course of action that can bring about recovery from factors such as addiction, compulsion, or some behavioural problem or other.

Alcohol Abuse: Ever Recurring Problem

Generally, 12-step programs are meant for people who abuse alcohol or drugs as alcohol and drug abuse have been an ever recurring problem with the world at large for quite some time. According to the CDC or Centre for Disease Control and Prevention around 80,000 people lose their lives every because of excessive consumption of alcohol. These days the residential rehab facilities that practice the 12-step substance program cater to people of all age groups as well, so you do don't need to feel that you are either too old or too young to seek help.

The Process Of Recovery

To begin with, for an individual to become sober for good, he needs genuine desire and motivation to get really clean.  May be this is not for you, but for a friend or loved one, but whoever it is, he or she should be aware of the idea that they seek recovery with their whole hearts. Then only they stand a fair chance to get really sober. In case the individual does not recognize his problem and doesn’t want to do anything about it, an addiction intervention might be in the cards. During the initial stages of recovery, an alcohol detox is absolutely necessary to eliminate any unwanted chemicals that are present in the body. The next phase is intensive addiction recovery therapy. This might take around 28 days but carrying out the program to its logical end will provide the individual with every tool necessary to remain alcohol-free for life.

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