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June 28, 2013
Media advisory - Canadian Society of Microbiologists and international experts welcome the G8 Science Ministers statement on antimicrobial resistance

The Canadian Society of Microbiologists hosted a symposium on antibiotic resistance during the Society’s annual conference held at Carleton University June 16. International experts from North America, Europe and Asia discussed the state of science and reached the following consensus.
  • Based on the available evidence, there is a direct link between resistance in human pathogens, and resistance in a reservoir of environmental bacteria.
  • Several human activities, including wastewater discharges, land spreading of manures from medicated animals, and effluents from drug manufacturing have the potential to increase the environmental reservoir of antibiotic resistance.
  • More new antibiotics to replace those that are no longer effective are desperately needed.
  • We conclude that there is an urgent need to develop an aggressive policy and research agenda, and deploy the necessary resources to deal with the seminally important health issue of antibiotic resistance development.

Only immediate effective action on a global scale will prevent a ‘perfect storm’ of antibiotic resistance that will compromise the use of drugs indispensable for health care. Health care considerations are paramount, and unless these critical therapeutic agents are preserved by science-based policy actions it is highly likely that we will return to the pre-antibiotic era. We applaud the announcement on June 12/2013 by the G8 science ministers concerning the need to maintain effective antibiotics for the treatment of disease. We encourage the Governments of Canada and indeed all countries to implement policies that avoid the misuse of antibiotics in agriculture and medicine, stimulate the antimicrobial research and development pipeline, support international collaboration, and fund theoretical and applied research to understand the origin, spread, evolution and development of antimicrobial resistance.

Julian Davies- University of British Columbia
Gerry Wright-McMaster University
Gautam Dantas- Washington University, USA-
Michael Gillings- Macquarie University, Australia
William Gaze- University of Exeter Medical School, UK
Tong Zhang- University of Hong Kong
Satoru Suzuki- Ehime University, Japan
Nick Ashbolt- University of New South Wales, Australia
Pascal Simonet- Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France
Nancy Martin- Queen’s University, President, CSM

Julian Davies- University of British Columbia  Email

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