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December 10, 2019
Request for nomination for CSM 2020 positions

The success of the CSM stems from the active engagement by members from across the country. To continue growing and improving what we do to support microbiology in Canada and internationally, we have a range of opportunities open to anyone interested in getting involved in the society. We are currently accepting nominations for:

Vice-President (term: 1 year as 2nd Vice President; 1 year as 1st Vice President; 1 year as President; 1 year as Past-President)
Secretary / Treasurer: (Term: 3 years).
Meetings Secretary: (Term: 3 years)
PD Representative to serve on the Executive Committee: (Term: 2 years)
Section Vice-Chairs for each of:
Applied and Environmental Microbiology;
Molecular Genetics and Cellular Microbiology;
Infection and Immunity
(term: 2 years as Vice-Chair, followed by 2 years as Chair)
Education Committee Co-Chair - (Term: 3 years, to overlap with current co-chairs)
student and post-doctoral representatives from all institutions. Please check the CSM Representative page for vacant positions or if the person currently listed is no longer at the listed Institution or no longer a Student or Post Doc. We would appreciate it if you help us keep this page as up to date as possible.
Nomination form for the first six positions are available on the CSM website, and will be accepted until Wednesday, January 15th, 2020.


Please note the following:

These position will start July 1, 2020 except for item # 6 & 7 which will be as soon as interest has been expressed and conveyed to CSM Secretariat.
Both the current serving CSM Secretary / Treasurer & PD Representative expressed interest in renewing their term, but to abide with the bylaws, we are including these positions in the request for nomination. CSM Secretary/Treasurer term has been renewed twice, last was in 2017. PD Representative served one term on the Executive starting July 2018.
The current Meetings Secretary served one term starting July 2017. He is open to have another member serve in that position and would provide support for one year or if there are no nominations received, then he can serve a second term if needed.
The Education Committee Co-Chair will have to attend CSM Annual Conferences for the duration of the term starting with 2020 University of Guelph.
We encourage you to actively participate in the CSM activities and submit a nomination if you are interested in any of the above positions.


Any students or post-doctoral fellows who are interested in representing their institution are encouraged to get in touch with Mrs. Wafaa Antonious, CSM Secretariat to express their interest.


The roles of the University Student & Post Doctoral Representatives are:

to liaise with the university members and to publicize CSM student Award & Post Doctoral Symposium competitions;
to encourage student & post doctoral membership in CSM;
to encourage participation of graduate students & post doctoral fellows at the AGM;
to encourage input from graduate students & post doctoral fellows to the activities of CSM;
to encourage submissions from their institute for the Armand Frappier Award;
to liaise with the CSM Graduate Student & Post Doctoral Executive members

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