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The World of Microbiology

June 10, 2013
A new format for 'The World of Microbiology'


Dear CSM members,


Fostering interchange of ideas between microbiologists is a focal point for the Canadian Society of Microbiologists!


As our graduate students and postdocs are the future of our society and microbiology research, this section “The World of Microbiology” will aim to stimulate discussion about current matters which these two groups are currently confronting.  Topics and matters such as finding a job in academia, alternative science jobs to academia, student/ supervisor relationships, how to get out of a writing block (thesis/ paper writing block), how to overcome failing projects, could potentially be discussed on this page. The discussion pieces or editorials will be written by microbiology graduate students or postdoctoral fellows, which can be based on their experiences and express their opinions on the matter.   


I will take this opportunity to invite suggestions for topic discussion and encourage any graduate student or postdoc to participate as a guest author. Feel free to contact me at libertj@mcmaster.ca or follow me on twitter @jos_tucci to suggest topics or volunteer to be a guest author!


Josie Libertucci

Josie Libertucci   Email

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