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An Invitation to Join your Canadian Society of Microbiologists

The executive of the Canadian Society of Microbiologists (CSM) would like to invite you to join our society. On becoming a member of the CSM, you have a voice in a society that has been established for over 50 years ago. We bring together researchers, students and other professionals working in microbiology or allied disciplines.

Fostering the advancement of microbiology and the interchange of ideas.

The study of Microbiology encompasses all forms of microorganisms ranging from bacteria and their associated phage to eukaryotes (fungi, other lower eukaryotes and cell cultures) and their associated viruses. You will find the CSM is divided into 3 sections: Applied and Environmental Biology, Infection and Immunity, and Molecular Genetics and Cellular Microbiology. It is recognized that these 3 broad areas have overlap both in methodology and scientific interest. From its inception, CSM has sought to serve as the natural home for diverse applied and basic microbiologists across Canada.

The society is divided into 3 sections on the basis of broad areas of interest.

Benefits of Joining our Membership

Joining the CSM as a member comes with many advantages. From getting discounted fees and opportunities to promote your work, you will have a wide range of opportunities to benefit from your membership. Here are just some benefits to joining our membership:

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Reduction of Registration Fees for Annual General Meeting
$ 0
Discounted Fee for OpenArticle Publications in the Canadian Journal of Microbiology (standard fee is $3,000)
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Discount on Printing of Colour Fingers in Print/Electronic Versions of CJM
$ 100
Yearly Savings when Subscribing to the Canadian Journal of Microbiology
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Post News Items (Jobs, Events, News etc.) to CSM Website FREE of Charge
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Post Vignette on our "Meet the Microbiologist" Showcase Page

Be eligible for nomination and participation in our members-only awards. These include the CSM Murray Award for Career Achievement in recognition to an outstanding Canadian Microbiologist, the Thermo Fisher Scientific Award for new researchers in microbiological sciences, and more.

Available Memberships in 1, 2, 5 Year Intervals

Our membership now runs on a yearly basis from the date of membership purchase to the next year. Please select the membership most suitable for your position. You may upgrade at any point in time. Once you select your membership, you will be taken to a dedicated membership page to fill out an application and pay your membership fees.


Perfect for researchers and professionals in the field of Microbiology

Student & Post-Doc

Focused on providing trainees with opportunities in Microbiology

New Undergraduate

Great for first-time undergraduate members of the CSM-SCM

Upgradable to Student & Post-Doc membership after 1 year


Honouring accomplished researchers in various fields of Microbiology