Student Events Support

Supporting and promoting undergraduate and graduate scientific achievements in microbiology

Plan a Microbiology Event at Your School!

The Canadian Society of Microbiologists seeks to promote microbiology in Canadian post-secondary institutions and to encourage broad participation by its members. The CSM is offering funding to help support events celebrating and promoting undergraduate and graduate scientific achievements in microbiology. For example, a “microbiology research day.”

Funding is to be used to support a planned event for undergraduate and/or graduate students. Costs such as room rentals, coffee breaks, poster boards, printing or other associated organizing costs would be supported. Costs associated with the travel or hosting of invited or keynote speakers are not eligible. Alternatively, the organizers may choose to use the funding to offer monetary awards to 1-3 student participants for poster or oral presentations on behalf of the CSM. If the funding is utilized for this purpose, the CSM will also provide a one-year student membership to each award recipient in additional recognition of their achievement.

A brief report and a few digital photographs of the event suitable for the CSM website must be submitted to the CSM within one month of the completion of the event.


Applications must describe the event for which funds are being requested and clearly outline how the funding will be used. An estimate of the number of current CSM members participating (full members, PDFs, student) should be indicated, as well as the anticipated number of people involved in the event. Those applying for the funding must be CSM members, and only one event per institution will be funded each year.

Applications for funding will be accepted between September – March.  Notifications of awards will occur by November 30th and March 31st.  If funds allow, applications will be considered after March on a rolling basis.

The maximum amount awarded will not exceed $500, and the Society may offer less at its discretion. Applications must be submitted through this form below, and final decisions on funding awards will be made by the CSM Executive.

Student Event Proposal Submission
Please provide the number of active CSM members that will participate in the event. It is highly recommended that you add in CSM member names and type of membership (ordinary, student/postdoc, undergraduate, emeritus).